Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Sweet Sixteen Post. Better Late Than Never.

My daughter turned sixteen this past June.  WOW. Sixteen. REALLY? When did that happen? These are the thoughts that careen through my mind. Sixteen, a mile stone for her, heart breaking for me. Heart breaking, not because it means I'm getting older. Heart breaking because sixteen means that her father and I have only two more years with her before she goes off to school, or where ever her dreams may carry her. Two more years where we continue to instill in her our values, trying to make her into a productive member of society. Two years where we can hug, touch, play and guide her along the route through high school. TWO YEARS. It isn't enough time. It's hasn't been all fun and games. Nope. Especially the last few years. HELLO! She's a teenager. A female. Sometimes it's like an alien has taken over her body. Gone is the toddler who stole many a heart. In her place is this faux -adult full of crankiness and angst. Though, there are times when I see that toddler. In her smile. A smile that lights up a room. In her smile I can see the curious imp, the child that always wanted to know WHY? I love her smile. It's effervescent. She's effervescent. We are truly blessed to have had her in our lives for the past sixteen years, and we are looking forward to seeing her mature into the adult that she will be. Happy Sweet Sixteen Linsea!
Her are some pictures of her 16th birthday party. We had it at our local waterfront Park.

 These are Mason jars that I spray painted white and blue. The tops of the blue jars are wrapped in lavender tulle, the tops of the white are wrapped in blue tulle. These are the center pieces used at her party.

                                      These are the invitations we send out .
Here is the Birthday Banner. We we not able to hang it up because it was too windy- and trying to tape it onto cement was a painful endeavor.

We ended up using two picnic tables. I place table clothes on each table. One in Blue, one in lavender.  We bought food from Costco, sandwiches, soda, cake. I made the cupcakes.

I'm not sure how well you can see them- but, I stamped hibiscus flowers all around each tablecloth. The hibiscus flower is from Stampin' Up!, the ink is also from SU! Bordering blue craft ink.

These are the cupcakes. I used my Cricut Expression and the Going Places cartridge to cut out the Hawaiian shirts. The paper is Bazzil, but I can't remember the name of the colors.

I think everyone had a nice time. I know Linsea was pretty happy with how everything turned out. I for one am glad it's over. It takes a lot of time and effort to put on a birthday party. Thankfully, I'm done for a while!

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  1. The kids growing up certainly causes mixed emotions. Lovely post.