Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bringing you sunbursts

I've spent the better part of the last two days working on this Sunburst album.- It actually took me a little longer- because I had to search out the directions for it... Anyhow, I added the finishing touches to the cover this morning. Over all, I am really pleased with the way this turned out- especially for my first "real" try. I made a template out of regular cardstock- just to make sure I could do it. I hate wasting my favorite paper, and since I know that my learning curve is high- I know better than to use any favorite paper the first time around.

There are seven pockets and each pocket holds a tag- that gives you fourteen "pages" to design. I only used seven for pictures- and the backs I decided to use for journaling.

I used my bind it all to hold it together- actually, all the paper together was too thick and it wouldn't find inside the BIA slot- so I thought outside the box and marked the holes where the BIA would punch and used my cropadile to punch the holes ( though, it was almost too thick for that too!). Then I placed the O-Rings through the holes and bound them together using the binding part of the BIA. Next time I try this, I won't use such thick cardstock. For this one I used SU! cardstock and My Mind's Eye double sided cardstock ( which is also very thick).

I used flowers made from SU! cardstock ( which made the opening very bulky)- I enhanced them with some white flowers from my stash- seven of the flowers I stickled with Tim Holtz distressed orange.

This is my son- posing dramatically for his birthday photo shoot. I love it when he acts like this- it's nice to be able to get a "real" smile instead of the " I'm being tortured" smile.

I stamped the back of most the tags using some of my Unity Stamps. I tried to journal on the back of each picture- I was only partially successful- it is such a challenge for me to put it down on paper.
Well, I'm sitting here getting cold- I think it's time to make nice warm mocha and get ready to call it a day. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Oh, yeah...before I forget- here's where I found the directions:
She's a neat lady with some really great ideas!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Halloween Party Decorations & Favors

October 27TH is my daughter, Emma's s birthday. This year she decided she wanted to have a slumber party. Since her birthday is so late in October and we usually celebrate on a weekend ( if her birthday falls during the week), she decided on a Halloween themed party. So, like the good mom I try to be- I did some research on handmade Halloween decorations and treats. I found a lot of good articles and ideas in a Disney magazine ( I still can't believe I paid $10 for it- I'm thinking of having it bronzed).
The first thing I did was make her a birthday banner. For this project I used my Cricut, black paper, Halloween themed paper from my stash, green ribbon, and the Jasmine cart ( I couldn't find my street signs cart- where I know there is a triangle shape- so the Jasmine cartridge has a nice diamond shape-. The diamond shaped looked better than I thought it would ( good enough that my sister, Sarah wanted a banner made for her birthday too- also in Oct.)

I saw these cute little mummy containers in the Disney magazine- but they were made using toilet paper rolls ( or you could have used paper towel rolls)- I didn't have enough of either one- and I really liked the way they looked. Then I remembered I saw something similar in the SU! catalog- they made theirs using a can and natural ribbon. I took mine one step further- I used gauze, pint sized mason jars and googly eyes. They were a big hit with all the girls!

Here's a close up of the tag I made- the stamps are from The Angel Co.- on the back of each I wrote one of the girl's name.

Here's a close up of the front of the mummy jar. I really wish I would have made one for myself! :)

These are mummy cookie pops. Made with Oreo cookies dipped in melted vanilla chips ( the one's from Wilton- I think next time I'll try using regular white baking chips). These were also a big hit.

Here's a close up of the mummy cookie pop.

Here are my Daddy Long leg cupcakes. I didn't buy enough string black licorice ( that stuff is so nasty smelling)- so I only made a few. Turns out that it worked much better that way-because as it was some of them fell out of the cupcake holder.

Isn't he cute? The cupcake idea also came from the Disney magazine. I made mummy hot dogs ( seemed like the theme was more mummy-ish than Halloween)- but the girls ate them all before I could snap a picture of them.- Oh, before I forget, his eyes are made using those old fashioned Necco candies- and a small drop of black gel. Next time I'll try frosting instead. The gel didn't really set well.
The party was a success. Though, 5 little girls ( all 10 and 11) make a lot of noise!!! I've decided that when you get a group of girls together- it's called a "Giggle" of girls. Cause that's all they do is giggle!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Glass Etched Ornaments

During these difficult financial times it can be difficult to give a meaningful gift- inexpensively. I decided to try my hand at etching on glass craft ornaments. I found mine at Michael's- got them on sale for about $2.50 a box. :) I made a set for both of my sisters.
I used my Cricut Expression and the Christmas Cheer cart to etch these ornaments. It was very challenging getting the vinyl to go on the ornaments smoothly. But, I think it was worth all the effort.

I cut two images each of a Christmas tree, candy cane, and holly leaves and berries.

For a finishing touch I cut strips of Stampin' Up! Christmas designer paper. After I cut the strips I ran them through my crimper.
Hopefully, I can get these into the mail sometime this week.

Christmas Glass Etching Style-

WOW! I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted anything.... I have been doing some crafting ( not as much as I'd like to be doing- but some )- I guess I've been having a problem finding the time to post anything. So, in the next couple of days I'll be posting some of the Christmas gifts I've made.

My sister Sarah was in town for the Christmas holiday. She was looking for an inexpensive ( classy ) way to give gifts to her friends here in town. We took a few hours and headed out to the dollar store, where we bought( out their stock of ) Irish Coffee Cups, 4 beer steins, two martini glasses and a couple squarish glass votive holders. The pictures below are part of our inexpensive Christmas plan.

We took this simple glass votive holder and using my Cricut Expression, vinyl, glass etching solution, and the monster font from the Happy Hauntings cart- made two of these really cute votive holders. We made one with a J ( for her friend Julie) and one with an N ( for her friend Nikai). I had the peppermint tealights and the clear glass marbles- so her total cost was just over $2. What a deal. I love the dollar store.
To wrap these gifts we used these craft lunch bags stuffed with candy cane tissue paper. I reduced, reused and recycled the letter from the cut vinyl. I'm always thrilled when I can re purpose something. I think it also made a really cute and unique way to personalize a gift.

I stamped the tag ( stamp from stampin Up!) and punched it out, then attached it to the bag using pretty red ribbon and twine.
Well, the dishes are waiting- and I have more of these craft photos to edit. I hope you had a blessed holiday season. Thanks for stopping by!