Friday, September 2, 2011

This Soccer Mom Has Had It {A Rant}.

I've been a soccer mom for ten years. Ten long years of standing in the cold rain watching my girls play the sport they love.  Did I stand in the rain because it was fun ( and I'm just weird that way) ? No. I stood out in the rain because I love my kids and love watching them participate in something they're excited about. This year is a little bit different. My oldest opted out. I think we ( the entire family) were burned out. Having her at practice every day on time and come the weekend games not seeing her play more than 15 minutes the entire game. But, that's another drama all together. 

 This year has been a challenge for us financially. I know a lot of families out there are struggling too. So, you know where I'm coming from. Because it's been tough, I didn't sign Emma up before the deadline. We were late. Totally my fault and I accept responsibility.The day before I was going to register her I got a phone call from Emma's coach stating that the team was filled ( which in my ten years as a soccer mom has NEVER happened). Turns out that the registrar has "registered" two girls without taking payment. So technically they're not on the team. He told me to contact her and tell her I had the money to pay in the hope that she would place Emma on the  team. I emailed her and waited. And Waited. And WAITED. For some sort of response. I got NOTHING. For two weeks. She couldn't be bothered to answer my email for two weeks. When she finally did she said that she would have to place Emma on the waiting list. She was waiting for the two families to pay. Because it's difficult to come up with $130. Well, DUH. HELLO??? This was the entire reason I hadn't registered my daughter. TCC has always had a policy of collecting money at the time of registration. The whole "you have to pay to play " thing. Which is fine. I'm totally okay with it. When it applies to EVERYONE, and not just a select few.
Fast forward to August 22ND ( ish). Emma's coach finds out that one of the spaces is still opened. Turns out the parents of the other girl still haven't paid. At this time the team has been practicing for three weeks.  Anyhow, the coach is supposed to hear at the end of the week if they have paid.  Saturday comes around and he still hasn't heard from her. Fast forward another week ( again ). I get a text from the coaches wife last night. I need to get in touch with the registrar and pay. Emma is on the team. I read the email forwarded from the coach this morning. The registrar said to get in contact with her ASAP if Emma still wants to play because there is another girl behind her on the waiting list. So. I email her because I don't have her number. I give her my contact info. Then I talk to her coach and get the phone number for the registrar. I call at 10:30 AM and her voicemail picks up. Again I leave my name and contact info. It's now 9:10 PM and she hasn't tried to contact me at all. So much for ASAP. The thing is- she probably won't contact me at all this weekend. I'll be lucky to her from her before Tuesday. Monday is a holiday. Now, I have to pay the late fee ( which brings the total to $150, buy cleats ( another $25-$30) and put a $25 deposit on the uniform ( which will be returned at the end of the season when I have returned the uniform). All this has to be done within the next four days (  uniform pick up is Tuesday). That's a total of at least $200 this week. I would have been fine with it...if I could have paid for the registration a month ago, or heck even two weeks ago. And still, no contact from this woman. I know this is a volunteer position, and it can be difficult. But, if you can't handle it YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING IT!! It isn't fair to my child that we have been dorked around for the past six weeks. Hanging on to that kind of money when you have bills to pay is well, ridiculous. REALLY. What is really sad is that my little girl who loves to play soccer is no longer excited about the prospect of playing this year. So, if the stupid woman contacts me ( and that's a BIG if ) not only am I going to give her a piece of my mind ( I'm usually very polite ) and tell her what she can do with her spot on the team. I'm going to contact TCC and file a complaint. Perhaps stating that after playing for TCC for ten years...well, it might just be time to take my business elsewhere. It's not like I don't have options. There are at least four other soccer clubs within 15 miles of where I live. I'm done. This soccer mom has had it.


  1. That is so messed up. Im sorry for you both. Volunteer or not rules and common courtesy should apply. I hope you're able to help her see the importance so this doesn't happen to others spill she volunteer again.

  2. It is messed up. I think they need to to find someone who can handle this position. It shouldn't take her two weeks to return an email or phone call. Maybe she's just incompetent. Either way, they need to find someone who can handle it. It's beyond obvious that she can't. Thanks for leaving a comment. 'Preciate it! Blogger is being stupid. again. it's not letting me respond under my own account.

  3. I'm sorry that you had to go thru this! It surely can be a very frustrating thing for any mama to go thru!!!