Tuesday, February 11, 2014

So Sad

You know how Monday's tend to be the WORST day of the week? It turns out that my Monday was beyond terrible. Words can't really express what a horrible day it was.
I woke up yesterday morning needling to make an appointment at the Vet for my cat Scooby. He'd been having some breathing issues (at first with thought it was adrenaline because a metal ladder dropped on our wooden floor).
The clinic made room for him right away, which was a blessing. After the Dr listened to his head and lungs she decided that an x-Ray was needed. I pretty much knew it was bad when I brought him in. But, I had hoped, prayed I was wrong.
The results were that his heart was weak and he had fluid on his lungs. The four possible causes of this are:
. Cancer
. Congenital heart failure
. An infection.
. Benign Kyle (there was a longer more technical name for it, but I can't remember what it was)
She could have drawn some of the liquid out of his lungs but he would have had to be sedated. The sedation itself more than likely would have been too hard on him. So, I was left with the only choice I could make. The one that was best for him.
At 10 am yesterday morning I had to authorize the injection that would put him to sleep. It was by far one of the hardest things I have had to do. That, and tell my kids that their favorite pet died. It was hard. It was horrible. I felt like I let my buddy down. I know that we did the best we could for him. However, that doesn't make the sadness go away.
Its going to take a while for me to stop looking for him first thing in the morning or when I walk into the house. I have to remind myself to turn off the water in the bathroom sink ( he was uber spoiled and he trained us well). Even our Calico who doesn't really like anyone looked for him this morning.
Scooby, you were a cool kitty and an amazing companion. You are greatly missed.

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