Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Handmade Notebooks-

I love these little notebooks. In fact, I can't stress enough HOW EASY they are to make. I like them so much that this is my second post about them! :) In case you've forgotten, or can't find the other post----> Here's where I found the tutorial for them : I hope you stop by and take a look for yourself.
I tweaked the measurements a bit with the second one- it's a bit bigger. Here are the measurements for it.

* For the inside pgs. cut 10-12 pieces of cardstock at 8"X6.5"- fold all pieces in half.
*For the cover ( your printed cardstock, or double sided cardstock) Cut at 8.5"X6.5" Then score at 4" and again at 4.5"

Don't forget to stop by the scrap-elements blog for the full tutorial! She's awesome. :)

These little notebooks will make really great stocking stuffers for Christmas----> and great gifts to personalize for teachers.

Thanks for dropping in, I am glad that I had something creative to share with you! have a fantastic week and if I don't post again before the 4TH ----Have a Happy and Patriotic Forth of July! AS Lee Greenwood would say....."GOD BLESS THE USA."

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