Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Trip To The American Girl Store

In February we took my daughter and her best friend to the American Girl Store. It seemed like we were in the car FOREVER. I am so glad that my husband was around to do the driving. I hate city driving ( and a good portion of the trip was highway/city driving) and would do ALMOST anything to avoid it.

The girls were hoping to eat at the restaurant. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research until the morning we left. Turns out you need reservations to eat in their restaurant. The only available time they had was 7pm. We were not willing to hang around that long.

The store itself was pretty amazing. We walked in and it was wall to wall dolls. They had some gorgeous displays. We walked out of the store $90 poorer and Emma walked out with a new doll and two really cute doll outfits. One of them was a raincoat, and rain boot set- which is appropriate considering we live in the Pacific Northwest.  I'll have to get a picture of the new doll and her two outfits.

We have promised our girl another trip to this amazing place- we owe her a meal there. It's a long way to go just to eat-but, she's only going to be twelve for a little while longer. We don't want her to miss out on being a kid.

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