Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Trip To The Vet

Today we had to take our cat Scooby to the vet. I made the appointment on Wednesday because he was acting off. An emergency visit would have cost $90 plus whatever else needed to be done. As he wasn't throwing up, sneezing or coughing, we opted to make the appointment, while keeping an eye on him to see if he worsened. As Wednesday wore on, he actually came out of the bedroom and cuddled with my husband. The around 9 pm something happened and he freaked out, jumping off the chair and landing funny. That's when we realised that he had hurt his leg somehow during the previous night ( or early morning ).
He didn't get any worse. And the appointment went fairly well. He's a geriatric he had blood work done, and some X-Rays. They discovered that he does have a mild case of arthritis, and maybe some stomach sensitivity. Which means we're going to have to change his food...which is going to be easier said than done. He likes his meow mix..apparently, scientists have done studies on this..and the shaped food is highly addictive to cats. While taking the X-Rays there was something about his stomach that concerned her just a little bit. When he was placed on his back..most of his organs were on one side. The Dr. said that normally they would be more evenly spread out. They shifted him around..then placed him on his back again..with a better result. However, all the organs aren't as evenly spread out as she'd like them to be. She won't know anything more until the internist comes in to look at the X-Rays. She said it could be that way because his fat is pressing the organs in one direction. Hopefully, this is the case. We were told not to worry about it too much..because there's nothing that can be done until the internist looks at the X-Rays. Like I'm not going to worry about my cat. How can I not worry? He's a part of my family. So, as this weekend rolls slowly along, I will trust that my cat will be fine. Surely, I won't have to lose another pet.

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