Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Paper Bag Album

When I saw my first paper bag album I admit I wasn't overly impressed. You see I just couldn't get past the fact that it was made from lunch bags. I am a scrapbooking snob. There I said it. I just couldn't imagine using paper bags for an album. Though I did think it would be a cute craft for my kids...

Then one day when I was IMing with a friend she showed me some that were being sold on ebay. I was impressed. I couldn't tell that they were made with paper lunch bags. I wanted to see if I could do it as well. So I was inspired. I hope that I did justice to the main focus of the album!
Page 1 and 2 Kalea's birthday party.

Page 3 and 4 Kalea opening presents with her buddy Braeden.

page 5 and 6 Kalea finds the candy dish. How cute is that?

Page 7 and 8 Kalea with her mom ( my sister ) and dad.

Page 9 and 10 Kalea trick or treating.
There you go Sarah. Finally it's finished. Hope you like the end result! :) As always Kalea is my cute little inspiration!

1 comment:

  1. Like it? No. I don't like it. I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE it! That is too stinkin cute. You are one very talented sister/ auntie.

    I love it and I love you. (So does KK) This is going to be something we'll both treasure for many years...