Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Treats And A Card

It's Valentines Day and I hope yours is fully of love and yummy chocolate! We don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day in my house. Which is something that initiated many years ago when my husband and I were dating. I told him that if he couldn't show or tell me that he loved me every day..then Valentines Day was meaningless. But, that's just my opinion. Other than that I LOVE chocolate! :) Anyhow, last night I was feeling creative and my friend Julie inspired me to make these cute little treat bags ( they're actually called a box in a bag) for my kids. They were pretty easy to make ( the directions can be found on the Split Coast Stampers site ) and they look so cute when they're done! I filled them with some chocolates and gave them to the kids this morning. They weren't expecting anything so they were pretty thrilled with their treats.
This is a card that I made for my husband last night. I was shooting for something that wasn't too fru fru. Don't think I made it. :) But he was happy enough with it. Though he felt bad because we had talked about whether or not to do anything for V-Day...we decided not he didn't have anything. Which is okay because I didn't buy anything for him. It's just a card to show my appreciation for all that he does.
Well, I hope that your Valentines Day is Sweet and you spend it with the people who make your heart smile.


  1. very cute Katherine! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day too.

  2. Simply adorable!!! I am in love with your tree stamp!! with the hearts of course :) Nice work as always!!

  3. These are beautiful and as always I am incredibly proud to call you my sister. I have dreams of some day being as creative and loving as you are. :) And no, I'm not joking. I'm completely serious. Just in case there was any confusion. ;)

  4. Sweet treat Katherine! You've been tagged so check out my blog for the deets!