Monday, December 27, 2010

Halloween Party Decorations & Favors

October 27TH is my daughter, Emma's s birthday. This year she decided she wanted to have a slumber party. Since her birthday is so late in October and we usually celebrate on a weekend ( if her birthday falls during the week), she decided on a Halloween themed party. So, like the good mom I try to be- I did some research on handmade Halloween decorations and treats. I found a lot of good articles and ideas in a Disney magazine ( I still can't believe I paid $10 for it- I'm thinking of having it bronzed).
The first thing I did was make her a birthday banner. For this project I used my Cricut, black paper, Halloween themed paper from my stash, green ribbon, and the Jasmine cart ( I couldn't find my street signs cart- where I know there is a triangle shape- so the Jasmine cartridge has a nice diamond shape-. The diamond shaped looked better than I thought it would ( good enough that my sister, Sarah wanted a banner made for her birthday too- also in Oct.)

I saw these cute little mummy containers in the Disney magazine- but they were made using toilet paper rolls ( or you could have used paper towel rolls)- I didn't have enough of either one- and I really liked the way they looked. Then I remembered I saw something similar in the SU! catalog- they made theirs using a can and natural ribbon. I took mine one step further- I used gauze, pint sized mason jars and googly eyes. They were a big hit with all the girls!

Here's a close up of the tag I made- the stamps are from The Angel Co.- on the back of each I wrote one of the girl's name.

Here's a close up of the front of the mummy jar. I really wish I would have made one for myself! :)

These are mummy cookie pops. Made with Oreo cookies dipped in melted vanilla chips ( the one's from Wilton- I think next time I'll try using regular white baking chips). These were also a big hit.

Here's a close up of the mummy cookie pop.

Here are my Daddy Long leg cupcakes. I didn't buy enough string black licorice ( that stuff is so nasty smelling)- so I only made a few. Turns out that it worked much better that way-because as it was some of them fell out of the cupcake holder.

Isn't he cute? The cupcake idea also came from the Disney magazine. I made mummy hot dogs ( seemed like the theme was more mummy-ish than Halloween)- but the girls ate them all before I could snap a picture of them.- Oh, before I forget, his eyes are made using those old fashioned Necco candies- and a small drop of black gel. Next time I'll try frosting instead. The gel didn't really set well.
The party was a success. Though, 5 little girls ( all 10 and 11) make a lot of noise!!! I've decided that when you get a group of girls together- it's called a "Giggle" of girls. Cause that's all they do is giggle!

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