Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Happy Day Of Sunshine & A Sleep Over

It was a good day yesterday, with sunny skies and happy children. There's really nothing better in this world than listening to a child's laughter. Sunny days spent running and jumping through a sprinkler seem to inspire the laughter. Yesterday Emma and Salma spent time in the sprinkler.. and you could hear the giggles all the way down the street.
During this time of financial's nice to take time and listen to the sound of laughter...and take a moment to remember what is truly important.

The laughter continued through out the night. Salma stayed the night and we watched National Treasure and ate popcorn. The movie didn't end until 12 AM ..and the giggles lasted much longer....they went to bed right after the movie..but continued to giggle and play their GBA'S until well into the night.

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