Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teacher Thank You's & The Last Day Of School

It's official. School is out and summer vacation has begun. If today is any example of what the rest of summer is going to be like...I'm going to be miserable. Duncan is being a little toadlet..calling his younger sister a looser and butt hole ( nice huh?). He wouldn't apologize to her so now he's grounded for a week (possibly more if he continues to act this badly..his father will deal with him in the morning..or soon now..if he wakes him up). I know I raised him better than this. School hasn't been out even a day and he's already grounded...I think this summer is going to be long and miserable.

Anyhow, for the last day of school I made chocolate and vanilla covered pretzels and packaged them up neatly. Everything is from SU except the ribbon--which I bought at Michaels. I made 16 of these little treat bags..but only needed 9. I thought Linsea had 6 teachers. She does, but, I forgot that she has 2 of them twice which means I only needed to make 4 for her. :) Everyone seemed to like them ( which is gratifying). It was an inexpensive way to show our gratitude to the teachers for a really great year.

Thanks for stopping by and for listening to me ramble on about how miserable this summer is going to be. I really hope it gets better.
I hope you have a fantastic summer with your loved ones..and lots of fun crafty time!

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